Speed & Growth Are The Most Important Thing You Must Improve In Your Business

In your business, all of your problems can are solved by increasing how fast you can acquire capital/revenue, how quickly you grow and then, continuously accelerate that growth over time.

This goal, above everything else, provides you with exponentially more revenue than you will ever need. Allowing you to sustain yourself in up and down seasons and double down on what's working when things are profitable!

There's no time to waste to "do everything perfectly" and get things done the way some business class or marketing book told you!

The time is now to grow and grow big.

Amazon wasn't profitable for years, even to the chagrin of many on wall street, but they did this because of the long game.

Here's some examples from Amazon, Facebook & Apple computer.

The bills were paid, the taxes were deferred (lol), and they reached the most people to then accelerate to the next level. Facebook is the same way, along with Instagram!

Apple Computer only succeeded because they got a working prototype on the market faster than anyone else did for a cost more people could afford!

What I'm specifically referring to here is this: if you have a goal, always take the path that brings in increased revenue or capital the fastest, prioritizing which one you can do the quickest.

You must have a "revenue generation mechanism" from the start of anything — something to bring in money to build with.

If you don't have this, you will need an outside investor to provide capital, which is why I mention both revenue and capital here. I see people take 1-3 years even to generate revenue sometimes. This only works IF you have capital coming in from an outside source! If you don't have outside capital to sustain your growth, you have to generate it!

Stop waiting around for everything to be perfect before you take action.

Get some revenue into your business right away, as quick as you can, either generated yourself or from an outside investment - and then get some quick wins on the books!

From here, then you can compound this cashflow to grow things further, always prioritizing growth and speed, over anything else.

If you do this, you can grow and won't hit roadblocks, speed bumps along the away.

So often, we can allow our own ego to say "I have to do everything perfectly and do it the way it should be done before I can succeed" and we miss out on years of what could be possible just by focusing on growth and acceleration!

Get some wins, and then build upon them. Don't build just for the sake of building, build to win, and build to last. This happens only by focusing on what we can accomplish the fastest, not what can we do perfectly the first time.

Allowing yourself the ability to fail and make mistakes lets us learn at an accelerated rate, including what doesn't work as well as what might not fit the market, so that we can quickly adjust to what will work and get results.

I did a video on my FB Live about this today, and I think it’ll help drive this home for you even more. Enjoy!

Let me know your thoughts on this, as well as be sure the join the #GrowYourLife community on facebook.

Here's Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Everywhere I look, I see marketers and bloggers saying, "Facebook ads don't work anymore."

The strange part is, in my experience, with my clients, this is just not true. I am not even experiencing close to what people say they are with Facebook ads. The ads I run for myself and my clients are producing better results than ever in the last few months!

I've concluded that this rhetoric serves well to sell programs and done-for-you services. But this still doesn't solve the problem I discovered most people have.

You see, everyone I've explored who are struggling to get results with ads has one thing in common: they aren't creating unique, relevant, consumable, high-value training & teaching content on their social media pages for their visitors to return to over and over again.

People are expecting strangers to buy from them just from an ad. Nowadays, people only buy from who they trust.

However, in the world of instant gratification, people trying to sell products aren't taking the extra time to serve their potential customer without asking for anything in return.

The reason why content is so relevant is you can use the Facebook & Instagram platform to track how much of your content viewers are consuming and use AI to find similar audiences.

By capturing only the people who watch 75% of your video content, especially in the long-form LIVE videos that are around 10-15 minutes, you can track exactly who is truly a target customer of yours or not. Someone watching 7 and a half minutes of your content is very much interested in what you are talking about.

The other issue I see people do is they only make video content that promotes what they want to sell.

You have to give away high value (content people would generally pay you for, without fear that because you gave it away, they will somehow not pay for it, which is a false fear that never actually is a problem in my experience). Give your best content away for free and track the viewers.

For e-commerce, create content that surrounds what you are selling, supportive learning information (if you sell anything health or supplement related there are thousands of pieces of content that can be made surrounding the topics of health, fitness, and supplements) that have nothing to do with your product but help you find interested audiences.

Your goal is to find who wants to buy from YOU, not your product. Make your face the brand, or hire a brand ambassador.

When you create this content, you can then track how much of the videos, daily, are watched and how long people are watching.

When you create a sample size of 60-90 days of consistent content, you can then track people who watch 75% or more of the entire length of the videos. This is an audience of people who only complete at least 75% of a video. You can then successfully segment ONLY your most engaged and interested audience, and then use the artificial intelligence platform on Facebook called "Lookalike Audiences" to find people on Facebook who match those who watch your content.

The benefit of this is, your audience is telling what they are interested in, based on how much they are watching.

You can retarget and grow this audience with the lookalike and refine it even more.

This one single function alone can then be scaled towards tracking landing page views, lead generation, add to carts and purchases, to get results.

You built trust and "face brand recognition" (your face becomes the "brand" people recognize for example) and this then helps you find the most engaged audience to then increase your revenues on an extremely low-cost basis.

I created two incredibly detailed pieces of content on my podcast (links at the bottom of this blog post) about making video content on social media and then using free and paid methods to get customers. These break down all of this process in detail.

When you start making consistent high-value VIDEO CONTENT, as part of your strategy, your ads will be more effective because your audience auto-generates itself based on what you talk about.

To build up the initial 75% viewers, using general industry based terms of targeting works to start, with the goal of page post engagement, until you can generate at least 1000 unique users in an audience of 75%

Then, when you get that 1000 unique users, your lookalike audience will be extremely accurate to generate and target the lookalike to get superior results. I've noticed less than 1/3 cent (that's 0.003 cents) per page engagement, and this allows further focusing for less than $5-10 a day to be extremely useful for people just getting started, and then scale as you make more revenue!

I did this facebook live some days ago where I created a basic 10 minute overview with a white board of this process I described above. I highly recommend watching it here:


For more information, I also created 2 hours worth of podcasts on this topic, which are full traning lesssons to help you create video content & get customers to your website.

Episode #6: https://www.jeremiahkrakowski.com/grow-your-life-podcast/episode-6-how-to-go-from-beginner-to-expert-at-video-content-creation-amp-video-marketing-growyourlife

Episode #7: https://www.jeremiahkrakowski.com/grow-your-life-podcast/7-getting-more-traffic-amp-customers-with-free-amp-paid-methods-online

For more information about Facebook Ads, be sure to follow my page on Facebook and Instagram, where I frequently make updates on what's working.



If you want to hire us to run your ads, the starting cost is $3000 per month and goes up from there, but you can contact us at https://www.jeremiahkrakowski.com/hire-me

How Listening To Podcasts Changed My Life

This is a personal story of how podcasts transformed my life, but I also hope to open your mind to the possibilities of something that can change your life as well.

A few months ago I started listening to some podcasts, “We Study Billionaires @ The Investors Podcast” and “The Ed Mylett Show” were two that I was immediately drawn to because the first one studied Billionaires, and the second one is from a mega-rich, yet ultra-humble influencer/businessman who also shared the same faith in God that I do.

I was naturally drawn to these two podcasts because they were a way for me to tap into the minds of great men who had something I wanted in life and business.

I was reluctant to get into podcasts, like many people who might be reading this post, but I also had a desire to start my podcast, as well, in the future.

I started listening to these podcasts as well as “How I Built This with Guy Raz from NPR” and this enabled me to do the following:

  1. Learn from business moguls interviewed on each podcast

  2. Gain exclusive insider information into industries I cared about

  3. Keep my mind focused on where my goals exist

These are some of my favorite podcasts because I have goals to make a global impact and influence the world through technology & business. What a perfect way to learn, to listen to people who are actually doing that very thing.

One of my favorite ways to find podcasts is to search for keywords. I may also search for the names of famous business leaders that I want to hear from (Elon Musk, Larry Ellison, Melinda Gates, etc.)

Podcasts allow you to distill massive amounts of research and information into a very short period of time. To listen to experts in almost any area talk about what they do, how they do it, and be mentored by the top leaders in the world.

For me, listening to the podcasts opened up a new world of mentorship and learning that used to previously only be allowed for the elite (seminars, webinars, training programs, mentorship programs) and I could sit under the tutelage of some of the greatest business minds of our generation.

My goal in business is to become a resource for people to learn how to think in life and in business beyond what they could ever imagine is possible. That’s why I started the Grow Your Life Podcast myself as a way to reach millions of potential listeners around the world with what I know works in business and in life from experience.

You see, for us to go to a certain level in life and in business we have to be mentored and taught how to get there. Podcasts open up a whole new world of possibility for each of us to learn, in our respective niches and industries, from the best and smartest people on the planet!

The best way, practically to listen to podcasts: Do not go in order. Scroll through the titles and pick the ones that are most relevant to you. Search for titles. Scroll through some of the top people you like to follow and see what they are talking about.

If there’s a particular topic that you want to learn about from someone you admire or respect, find the podcast they did on that topic and listen to it! They will usually give you enough info in 30 minutes to kickstart any journey you want to head in learning and discovery!

Then from here, pick some of your favorite podcasts to listen to - just a couple, and listen in the car, while you work, in the gym. Download this information into your brain and learn from these people that you want to align yourself with.

In this, it will open up a new world of possibility for you to learn that has never been available, and I believe it will change your life just as it has changed mine!

I was inspired to start my podcast by listening to these great podcasts and using it as a blueprint for that. In the future, I may release a training course on starting and growing a successful podcast, but right now I’m in the early stages of this! :)

I did start an exclusive community of people though, centered around my podcast, and the lessons I’m teaching each week to help people grow, along with free group coaching calls as well. You can join the community here.

I would also invite you to start a podcast journey with me, listening to my podcast here, and plugging in with me each week as I break down unique topics that will impact you in life and in business as well as specific skills tools and strategies that you can apply to sales, marketing and the internet.

I also want to encourage you to not just listen to my podcast, but also check out either some of my favorite podcasts that I mentioned above, or search on your own for some podcasts.

I recommend posting on Facebook asking your friends what their favorite podcasts are and why, and seeing which ones you might be interested in. This will create a dialog for you to connect with a friend and even talk about the topics each of you are learning!

This is truely going to transform your life and your mind. If you find that you enjoy my podcast, be sure to share it with some people that you know as well, and encourage your friends to start listening to podcasts.

I think this is something everyone should do as part of their life at least once a week and you’ll see massive transformation!

Easy Guide To Video Content Creation in 2019

It’s 2019, the internet has been around for well over 25 years now in the mainstream- pretty much my whole life if we’re counting!

Back in 2005 when I was first started helping businesses get clients with video, it was somewhat of a “is that really working” and “we don’t have a budget for video” type thing.

To get good quality video you still needed expensive cameras.

Now, that’s all changed.

Smartphones are getting faster and they have better cameras. Even budget model phones like the new Google Pixel 3a for $399, has one of the best cameras on the market for content creation and production.

100% of your flagship content can now be created with a phone.

Now before we dive into the “how to’s” of video and content creation, I can’t stress this enough:

When you are making your video content, please make sure to elevate your mood before recording. When you press record, have excitement in your voice and your face. You have to imagine the camera is a person you’re excited to see them when you go live. The social cue of raising your eyebrows and showing excitement makes a complete difference in how your video is perceived.

You could say the same exact words, but if your emotion is down vs. up and excited, your content will not read as well and people will not want to watch it.

This one thing can transform your entire video creation process. Yet, also one of the most overlooked by so many people, even though it costs nothing to change and improve upon.

In a sense, this mood thing is kind of like acting. You are acting out the mood and it helps the WORDS you’re saying come across a lot better.

The reasons people don’t do video actually have nothing to do with the equipment anymore. I notice it’s either:

1.) No time to film and edit
2.) No quiet place to record
3.) Not comfortable on camera
4.) Don’t know what to talk about

These reasons largely are not true, but we tell ourselves they are because they sound good.

If you knew that recording one video per day would pay you one million dollars this year, would you do it?

The average person who is producing content and making over one million dollars is recording just one video per day of content.

Then this major content can be repurposed into mini-content, clips, quote graphics, blog posts, articles, emails, and even courses!

In social media, when you create video, the first 30-60 days are hard because no one seems to watch, but you have to make your content AS IF you have 100,000 people sitting on the edge of their seats, watching you every day!

That’s what I do! Now, I’m starting to see the returns, the dividends of being consistent with this.

Here’s the master plan:

Record one 5-10 minute video on a SPECIFIC topic (not rambling on multiple topics, keep it very focused.

Record one 60 second summary of one key point from that 5-10 minute talk.

Upload one piece of content at 10am, and another at 1pm. You can usually record the 60 second summary immediately after the 5-10 minute while it’s fresh on your mind, just recap it.

Create your content SURROUNDING your main topic that you have products to offer people. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT make your content a direct sales video every morning about your product.

One in every 8-10 videos you do can be a “Sales Video” 80/20 rule, 20 percent or less of the content selling, 80% or more informational.

I’ve found reserving sales messaging to advertising, and giving away FREE offers on content is the best way to move people along into a funnel and build an audience.

When you use platforms like Facebook or YouTube you can then upload your video to Instagram TV, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

Your 60 second video can then be uploaded to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. I also suggest linking to Pinterest, but that’s not my current expertise, though we will be experimenting with Pinterest in the future!

This content then gives you ideas based on the feedback you receive of what other content to record!

You do one video and come up with 5 additional SUPPORTING topics (think of it like if your video had a supporting cast, what would those topics be) - and then create blog posts, short videos, long videos and even courses on those topics.

Rinse. Repeat.

This is how you can come up with amazing content all the time with less than 10-15 minutes per day of creation work. I prefer not taking any time to really come up with the ideas for my videos other than maybe 5-10 minutes of ideation. I’m always writing ideas for content down all day long.

If you can get really good at this one skill of just going on video 5-10 minutes a day, it will revolutionize every other aspect of your online business efforts because people can connect with you in an authentic real way!

This blog post itself is an example of the exact model I’m talking about here. I did a 1 hour podcast, a 10 minute teaching video and short 1-2 minute clips on this same topic! Now the blog post really breaks it down! You can see the content on my Podcast Episode #6 which you can listen to now about how to become an expert at Video Content Creation & Video Marketing

Many times, when I’m making video content, I just record it directly by holding my phone up, smiling, and then talking. Speed is key, the faster you can make content, the better! But sometimes I’ll also use some equipment like tripods and lights.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite tools for video production & video editing, that I use every day (some of these are affiliate links which pay me a small commission if you order through my link, but I can promise you these are the same exact products I have in my home office, so I stand by them! They work!)

This camera is one of the best cameras out there to use on your computer for audio and visual, podcast recording, live on Facebook from your computer and much more! If you don’t have a mac, you especially need this since most computers don’t have good cameras. It also attaches to a tripod if you need (tho there will be a cord coming from it).

This tripod is a very short table top tripod for using with your phone! You can combine it with the phone mount for a simple desk mounted recording solution! Heavy duty too!

This is the best tripod mount for smartphones on the market. The quality is unmatched! You can attach your smartphone to a tripod with this handy adaptor!

This ringlight kit will transform any dull video into a professional video, as well as brighten up your photos! Almost all of my videos have this light in front of me, which makes them look so much better! It’s a must have for anyone serious about video.

This is a great bestseller on amazon, you can’t go wrong with a 60 inch tripod, multi purpose, go anywhere do anything tripod! It’s taller than the table top one, which is why I always travel with both depending on if I need a short mount or a tall one! You can’t go wrong with this.

The Blue Yeti mic is great for podcasting, course creation and more when combined with the Logitech C930e camera. These two devices make for the perfect combination for any mobile recording and filming!

For Software, there’s many great tools out there:

One of my favorite new tools is KapWing.com which is a full video editing studio on your web browser! It adds subtitles, captions and even text on the top and bottom of your video.

Another great app is Kinemaster on iPhone and Android. It does so much on mobile devices that its a must have on the go!

For more advanced editing, the Adobe Creative Cloud using Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the best editing suite out there for Mac & PC!

I tend to use all 3 from time to time.

There are not a lot of great free editing options unless you have a Mac or iPhone, then you can use iMovie on your Mac and iPhone - other than that, you’ll have to pay a small fee for either of the other platforms, as the free stuff just doesn’t cut it. I’ve tried to use the free stuff and it’s not fun to use.

I hope you can see now after this article that it’s very easy to start doing video online with these low-cost tools, and todays existing smartphones.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the professional cameras, and when your budget allows you to, go all in on camera gear, it’s worth it in the end! But for people just starting out, as well as everyday engagement, smartphone solutions are a winner and will make you money if you use them consistently!


Facebook Decides To Prioritize Groups, Video & Events Over The News Feed & Pages

I’m so excited when massive change comes to a platform because people freak out and worry that the sky is falling and they can’t recover.

Facebook just announced massive changes that will begin to prioritize the new feed and pages in the coming months. These changes will make groups and video & events the priority, helping people engage in the communities they love, not just the pages they follow.

I’ve made a pretty bold claim here. The sources I am citing are Mark Zuckerberg himself, as well as the video he showed (see at the bottom of this article) and what was on screen.

Facebook Watch (the TV portion of Facebook App) was not mentioned, but it was highlighted and the new app design is making video and content more important than ever, along with groups!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Facebook is becoming more of a content driven, consumer based app similar to the psychology of Netflix or Hulu, where it will become a destination to watch your favorite show and to engage with your favorite content.

For those who aren’t putting out content, you will be missing out on the opportunity, and struggle greatly if you don’t shift and adjust.

What this means is simple: You can no longer get away with a cute quote graphic, a photo, looking cute, or your old following tricks that got engagement, likes and shares before!

NOW - You must contribute to the world around you and make content, building a community first!

For those who don’t know how to do this and skated by for so long on old school 2012-2016 tactics of Social Media marketing, they will begin to cease to exist. The facebook platform will return back to what it originally was for:

Friends to interact in small close knit communities.

For you to thrive as a business you must learn how to shift with what’s happening, instead of being reactive - TAKE ACTION!

Facebook Groups will be where people congregate and start to take a larger role than the news feed.

To get your content in front of people from a page, you WILL have to advertise, and won’t be able to just rely on organic content anymore - UNLESS your content is truly a destination, not just information.

What does this mean?

Think about Netflix, Hulu, your favorite TV stations, you turn to these when you CHOOSE to watch what you want to. Facebook is taking on this model, where people will CHOOSE who they want to see content from and engage with based on what they want as the only priority.

If you are not making content and building a community that truly brings value, you will lose!

Expecting to succeed off of some likes, comments & shares will no longer work anymore. Instead, producing content that shifts the hearts and minds of people, grabs them by their heart strings, and contributes lasting results and transformation for those who watch your content will be key.

Getting lots of likes for existing - because people “Like” your content or how you look won’t work anymore!

Instead - we must innovate, we must create content that helps people, that people want to watch, engage with and grow with.

I’m urging you right now, stop doing things the old way. Posting photos, and quotes just to get likes without contributing to the lives of those who are on your page will not work anymore! You must think about what drives your audience, and what they want most from you.

What can you do to create a cosmic force of nature that people can’t help but visit on a daily basis with the same level of draw that their favorite TV show or coffee shop has to offer?

If you aren’t a destination, a place people want to visit every day to get the latest content update, you will not survive, and you will have to rethink everything that has been working for you up to this point.

Now that groups are a priority, people will have an opportunity to choose which communities they want to engage with the most. As content creators, we have to create the community our audience wants to engage with. Dedicated group communities to stay relevant will be key.

Free groups and paid groups will now have a place side by side together. Where as the Facebook Page & Newsfeed were more of a priority to keep your content in front of your target audience, putting it into a group will be a vital new step. Top content creators and destination driven brands will need to adopt this method.

The future is bright. How will you respond?

Tonight, as I write this, I just launched the Grow Your Life community group where we can engage and grow. I will share EXCLUSIVE content with you that you won’t find anywhere else!

Join the #GrowYourLife Community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/growyourlife/

Reference for more research, this is another great article on this topic, also I suggest watching the video below: https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/30/18523265/facebook-events-groups-redesign-news-feed-features-f8-2019

Why Does Everyone Need A Website (Even If You Don’t Have A Business)

Back in the 1990s when the internet was first coming of age, having a website was like a badge of honor that only the elite, or skilled had. If you had a website, you “made it” – and this led to the tech bubble of the early 2000s, 2001 where if you had .com after your name and were publicly traded and you can make billions of dollars

Fast forward to Web 2.0, and Social Media – we interact with the web completely differently than we did back in the 1990s. Websites became these portals to learn from & engage with. We used them not only for information, but with the creation of Social Media – the internet became a part of our every day life, and the value of a website became seemingly diminished

Now, we’re in 2019, where it seems like everyone who’s anyone is a podcaster, blogger, runs an ecommerce business, has an app, you name it, but there’s still those of us who are just normal every day people that are good with just having a Facebook Page, and an Instagram.

This is changing – and the future is changing. For you to stay ahead of the curve, and ahead of the game – you have to have a website. You need a presence that connects you with the world around you. It’s a form of digital real estate and you are staking your claim in the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Up until now, this year, that entire process has been extremely complicated, for most people – they don’t know where to start. This has been solved with products like Squarespace, and online courses like Website Building Made Simple are designed to help eliminate that technical barrier of entry, and help catapult you from where you are now – to having a professional website that gets results for you.

Even if you don’t have a company, or a business, having a website is an import thing for you to have moving forward in the new digital economy that is being birthed right now.

We are at the cusp of an entirely new version of the internet, and those who will succeed are those who take action NOW and start building their online presence. If you start today, you will be years ahead of 98% of the world population that still doesn’t understand the value of all of this.

The way the internet and computers are right now will appear as archaic to us in 10 years from now as computers did in the 1950s.

If you have something inside you that you want to share, you need to build a website around that thing.

If you offer a product or service to people, you need a website to inform people about what it is that you can offer.

If you have a desire to mobilize your voice and get your thoughts out there in a way that can impact people for the future, you need a website.

Even if you don’t know where to start, having a digital website that features your resume, and accomplishments, as well as links to your Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn – can help you get a job with an employer. On your resume you can direct them to your website, and you can develop the narrative of who you are and share with people more about you.

Automatically, to employers, having a website increases your social value to them exponentially. So if anything, have a website that you craft around you – BRAND YOU – and who you are. You will be prepared for the future of the next generation of the internet, and ahead of the curve.

If you don’t want to get left behind in the future, with robots and AI and jobs disappearing left and right, you have to build a website for yourself.

Download my course, Website Building Made Simple (coming soon) and get started preparing yourself for the next generation of the internet – and the future that is being created right in front of us. Don’t get left behind!