How To Pick The Best Squarespace Template

The first step when you are building a site on Squarespace is to pick the best template – and decide the wireframe of how you want your site to be designed.

I go into this topic in depth in my course Website Building Made Easy. I wanted to give this to you guys as well, for free, here on my blog because I believe it’s one of the first places that people need to start when they are deciding how to build their site.

Squarespace offers numerous templates and themes for building your site, all of which are very different from one another.

Squarespace uses common tools to build your site with very different templates to arrange how each part appears.

This website, for example is built on the Bedford Template. The reason I chose the Bedford template is because it is the the best design out of the box for blogging, influencers, and course creators. It also gives you a sidebar on your blog, which you can see, if you’re on a desktop, over to the side on the screen or below my post if you’re on mobile.

You have to first decide what the purpose of your site is. For most people, I would recommend the Brine Template, because it allows you to create beautiful modern layouts without very much expertise. Many other templates are also part of the Brine Family:

• Aria

• Basil

• Blend

• Brine

• Burke

• Cacao

• Clay

• Ethan

• Fairfield

• Feed

• Foster

• Greenwich

• Hatch

• Heights

• Hunter

• Hyde

• Impact

• Jaunt

• Juke

• Keene

• Kin

• Lincoln (discontinued)

• Maple

• Margot

• Marta

• Mentor

• Mercer

• Miller

• Mojave

• Moksha

• Motto

• Nueva

• Pedro

• Polaris

• Pursuit

• Rally

• Rover

• Royce

• Sofia

• Sonny

• Sonora

• Stella

• Thorne

• Vow

• Wav

• West

In my course, Website Building Made Easy, I go over every type of Squarespace template, and how to set it up for your unique scenario & use case. Over 10.5 hours of training to help you build your site right, the FIRST time!

When deciding which template to start with, first look at EXAMPLE sites built with that template. Every template in Squarespace has a portfolio built in to review.

1.) Go to

2.) Click on “Templates” at the top of the site (navigation)

3.) Highlight your mouse over a template, and click “Preview *Template Name*” for example Preview Wells’

4.) Scroll down below the preview, down the page, and see “Customers Using This Template”

You will then find other customer sites that use that template.

You can then start to envision your site being built with that template itself!

When choosing a template it’s important for that template to be able to serve you, and serve your goals the best possible way.

By using the comparison charts below, you can decide on which features of your site are most important to you.

Then, you can start a Free Trial of Squarespace, and play around with things!

To get the most in-depth training on the internet about Squarespace, from start to finish for anyone, grab your copy of my course Website Building Made Easy, and you will be ahead of the curve of most people in your position trying to build sites with Squarespace!

Squarespace has a template comparison chart page that goes in depth on the following points:

1.) Page Types

2.) Site Layout

3.) Navigation

4.) Mobile

5.) Blog Pages

6.) Gallery Pages

To see all 6 comparison charts, visit (I’ve only posted one of them here)

Below is the chart I found from for the basics of site layout.


To see all 6 comparison charts, visit (I’ve only posted one of them here)

Squarespace vs. Wordpress

One of the number one things that I get asked the most often is this:

“Why do you like Squarespace more than Wordpress?”

For me, I’ve built websites on Wordpress since 2009, and before that I was hard coding websites with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Wordpress was the most cutting edge tool for the internet when it was created, and it is still extremely valuable for what it is.

However, with my long experience of working on a daily basis with Wordpress, I’ve found that 99% of anything I can do - or would want to do on Wordpress, I can also do on Squarespace.

If I can’t do it on Squarespace, I might be able to do it on Wordpress, such as membership sites, or advanced customization in PHP creating apps, social networks etc.

However, Wordpress is only valuable for those things as a proof of concept, prototyping system.

There are a few myths that people believe about Wordpress vs. Squarespace:

Myth #1: Squarespace costs more than Wordpress

One thing people bring up is “Wordpress is free, Squarespace costs money” and this is actually completely untrue. In today’s day in age, you do NOT want to build your wordpress site long term on any sort of cheap $5-10/month hosting platform. The amount of computing power needed for a site to compete in 2019 is not sustainable on cheap shared hosting platforms.

These are great, again, for prototyping on a shoestring budget, but I can prototype on Squarespace much faster than Wordpress with more professionalism.

Squarespace features the highest level of cloud computing and CDN hosting out of the box for your site along with SSL security as well.

The cost of everything you would need to match the quality that Squarespace offers will end up costing you MORE than Wordpress in the long run!

You will also have to maintain updates on your Wordpress site. You will have to maintain server security, maintain your plugins, update your code when new updates come in and quickly these things cost you either time or money, which will mount up to costing more than Squarespace.

Simply in time, to deploy the websites that 99% of people need, Wordpress will cost you more in 1 year than Squarespace will - when you add up your time at $15/hour minimum (which I know most of you, your time is worth much more than that) and you can do the same things, better on Squarespace.

Myth #2: You can’t customize Squarespace like Wordpress

This is the biggest untruth that I found! Squarespace gives you the ability to insert custom code into every page of your site to do any number of customizations in a much easier way than Wordpress.

The Custom Developer platform of Squarespace allows you to download the entire template and customize every aspect of it from the ground up, creating completely unique designs and features for your site!

Myth #3: Wordpress is more secure than Squarespace

This isn’t even close to being true. The amount of maintenance required to keep Wordpress Secure is a full time job. Wordpress itself is insecure just because of how it’s structured and built from the code up.

Squarespace is far more secure in every single way because its maintained by Squarespace, and they are constantly updating the code, making it faster and more secure!

Advaned DDos mitigation techniques prevent malicious traffic from even coming to your site!

Think of Squarespace as your very own IT department, with free, unlimited hosting, top-of-the-line security, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and around-the-clock support.

Myth #4: Squarespace isn’t good for blogs
Superior to wordpress in every way when it comes to blogging. Every squarespace template is built with blogging in mind to create the highest quality sites for desktop and mobile that you can imagine with the latest design standards.

Blogging on Squarespace is as easy as writing your content, and pressing publish!

Plus blogs look really good on Squarespace, afterall! This site was built on Squarespace, and this is a blog! See what I mean?

Half-Myth #5: Squarespace is too hard to use compared to Wordpres:

Actually Squarespace is far easier to use once you understand a few basic ways it works. I admit, when I first came from Wordpress to Squarespace, I was a bit overwhelmed - but after I learned how to use everything, I don’t use Wordpress anymore to build any of my sites for my client sites!

I created a course to solve this issue. I decided to break down, from the very basic level, every aspect of building a site on Squarespace in a course that I call Website Building Made Easy.

In it you get over 10.5 Hours of training on Squarespace. You can learn enough to do the basics in just an hour and a half during my session on the Brine template. I break down all of the main functions of building a website on Squarespace, enough to get anyone started right away!

My goal was to activate people to be able to build any site they can imagine in less than 7 days using Squarespace - and I believe this is the best resource available on the internet for you to do just that!

Order your copy of Website Building Made Easy (coming soon)!

How To Accomplish Impossible Goals

I just got done doing the Grow Your Life Podcast Episode #1 about  How To Create New Possibilities For Your Life & Future - #GrowYourLife

In this podcast I broke down the secrets of how people can take whatever situation they are in right now, whatever is limiting them from reaching the next level in their life to accomplishing 100% of everything they have ever dreamed or imagined. Putting action behind their dreams and doing great things that others said couldn’t happen for them!

This is a passion place for me because I’ve seen people do this my entire life. I’ve seen people around me, people close to me, people I’ve worked with, clients and family members take completely impossible situations and turn them into success.

We have, inside of us, everything we need to manifest our goals and destiny. Whatever we want to - if we choose to.

Success is about the choices we make each day, and the compound nature of our choices that build upon each other.

There’s a still small voice inside all of us that is bigger than us, telling us “I wish I could do that” or “You should do that” and then we have another voice saying “Yeah but that’s not possible”.

What if it was possible? What choices would you make to go after that goal? How would you live your life differently? How differently would you talk about the world around you?

If you start by just adjusting your life 1% this week in the direction of what will serve you for reaching your goals, you will not recognize your life a year from now, a month from now, even a week from now!

Start by just making a choice to do something that will serve your goals, serve your future, your destiny, your calling today. Stop living from a place that is reacting to everything that happens around you.

Start choosing to create the possibilities you want for your life and the world you want to live in.

I break this down step by step in Episode #1 of my Grow Your Life podcast. Go listen to this podcast, and write some notes down. Start doing something that will get you 1%, 5%, or 10% towards your goals this week and see your life be transformed as a result.

How To Create New Possibilities For Your Life

People think we are born as a blank slate but there’s actually science that shows there’s passed down memories from your family members and your ancestors that influence the choices you make, and how you react to the world around you! It’s in our DNA. The research on this is pretty new, but there’s plenty of studies that show this to be true!

You can’t control this.

You also can’t control how you were raised, what parents you had, what situation you had growing up.

All of this combined together creates habits and a personality for you that starts to become who your identity is.

For most of us, this identity does a great job of keeping us alive, keeping us safe, and not harming ourselves.

What we do have control over is how we react to the world around us and the cards we’ve been given. The choices we make start to define the changes to this programming.

We have complete control over this part of our scenario, but most people believe that the way they’ve always been and the way their family is how they will always be.

However, doing so will break the mold of what has been programmed around us to keep us safe, and we start to get pushback from the world around us, our friends, our family when we start to operate outside of the original programming for our life.

Only when we break the mold of this programming by a conscious choice of our own that:

  1. I will choose the life I want to live

  2. I will decide how big I want to dream

  3. I will choose to go after my dreams and accomplish them!

For many of us, this doesn’t come naturally because when we’ve tried this, it’s like touching a hot stove. We get burned, we get hurt sometimes, and we go back to our original programming.

But when you start to realize that you have control over the choices you make, not because you’re weighing the pros and cons, but rather because you are choosing the path you want for yourself (big difference) - only then are you able to create new possibilities for yourself and your life!

I broke this very thing down in my Grow Your Life Podcast Episode #1 about Transforming Impossibilities Into Attainable Results

You can create new situations for you and your family. You can choose to break the mold and go outside of the box of what life tells you is possible for yourself.

It starts with a choice - not because one choice is better than another, but because you choose ‘This is the life I want for myself and my family’.

How To Sell More Of Anything

In sales and marketing, we have the incredible opportunity to create our own destiny and our own life - possibilities for ourselves that didn’t previously exist.

However, in sales, whether it be on the phone or even a video recording on a Facebook or YouTube ad, there’s a blueprint that can help you sell more of anything.

When you come from this place - which has nothing to do with scripting the words you say, by the way, you will be able to make more sales of any product or service you’re offering.

Everyone who is in the sales process with you from you is either one of two people:

  1. No, this isn’t for me.

  2. Maybe this is for me.

If they are a Yes, they are no longer in your initial sales process and are now a repeat customer. But for anyone who is not a yes yet, they are one of these two things.

I can’t stress this enough, Do not try to turn a No into a yes, it's a waste of your own time and energy every single time! Stop trying to convince people that your product is for them if it’s not.

Weed out the No’s as quick as possible, you don’t even want to spend time with them you want to get rid of the no’s so you know who not to talk to!

But the ones who are not a “No”, but rather aren’t a “Yes” yet either - is because of only one thing:

They aren’t a yes yet because they aren’t 100% certain and positive about You, Your Company or Your Product - that you can deliver on what you say you can.

That’s it! Anyone who is not a no, but a maybe just wants to know, are you legit or are you a scam… and will I get what you promise, or not.

In this, the process becomes simply the authentic communication that you, your company and your product are 100% legit and that it will do exactly what you say it will!

If you can show this to people, you can turn a maybe into a Yes!

How do you do this?

The first one, yourself, only has 4 seconds to prove to someone that you’re legit and have authority. In fact people are judging you when you open your mouth if they think you’re legit.

The way you present yourself, and the confidence you convey will determine if they think you are legit or not. If you are down, and somber about explaining your product or service, they are going to have a difficult time becoming a yes because you don’t believe in yourself.

You need to express confidence, even if you don’t have it, to the target customer in the first 4 seconds with your tone of voice, the inflection of your voice. Making your voice go UP, with happiness, in tone instead of down.

Then, you start to control the conversation. Whoever is asking the most questions is in control of the conversation.

Your questions are trying to find out from them where they are, and if they are 100% certain about your product, service, your company and you.

You can ask them “If you were 100% satisfied with the answers to all of your questions, would you be willing to buy XYZ product today” and most people will say Yes.

So then you want to find out what questions they have and how you can serve them.

Don’t even try to make this about sales, make this about serving another human being and helping them reach their goals.

If you can help someone else reach their goals in a sales process, you will always reach yours!

From here, you can talk about your company, accomplishments, testimonials, accolades. Talk about your product. Gauge what to answer with what they say, and control the conversation with questions.

When the customer shares with you their goals, repeat those goals back to them and say “I am 100% confident that if you buy XYZ product you will be able to….” And then repeat their goals back to them.

And if they still aren’t a yes yet, you can then circle back around.

Your job in circling back around is to increase their certainty about your product or service - increase the level of certainty they have about what it is that you are selling them.

Paint a picture of what their life will look like, and impart a vision for their lives that they might not even know is possible of how their life will be changed through buying this product, what they will experience being your customer.

Help them be able to taste and feel what it’s like to purchase your product before they ever buy it - to the point that they will not be able to help themselves but buy!

Keep circling back around with these things in mind. Helping them be 100% certain about you, your company and your product, that you and your product will deliver on 100% of what you promise and are saying you can deliver on. If the potential customer is then 100% certain, almost every time they will become a “Yes” customer - because at that point, they realize that it would actually be a negative for them to say “No” to you and what you are selling them.

They will feel the pain of what their life is like without your product, and your product becomes a “Pain Killer” that alleviates every ailment they have in this area that you are selling them!

And when they are 100% certain about you, your company and your product, they will buy!

For more about the Sales Process, converting someone from a “No, Yes or Maybe” Listen to Episode #2 of the Grow Your Life podcast, where I break this down in depth and show you the different ways that you can walk someone down this process!

If you listen to and subscribe to my podcast, read my blog posts, and follow me on social media, your life will never be the same, and you will not recognize your life a year from now! That’s my promise to you!