How To Pick The Best Squarespace Template

The first step when you are building a site on Squarespace is to pick the best template – and decide the wireframe of how you want your site to be designed.

I go into this topic in depth in my course Website Building Made Easy. I wanted to give this to you guys as well, for free, here on my blog because I believe it’s one of the first places that people need to start when they are deciding how to build their site.

Squarespace offers numerous templates and themes for building your site, all of which are very different from one another.

Squarespace uses common tools to build your site with very different templates to arrange how each part appears.

This website, for example is built on the Bedford Template. The reason I chose the Bedford template is because it is the the best design out of the box for blogging, influencers, and course creators. It also gives you a sidebar on your blog, which you can see, if you’re on a desktop, over to the side on the screen or below my post if you’re on mobile.

You have to first decide what the purpose of your site is. For most people, I would recommend the Brine Template, because it allows you to create beautiful modern layouts without very much expertise. Many other templates are also part of the Brine Family:

• Aria

• Basil

• Blend

• Brine

• Burke

• Cacao

• Clay

• Ethan

• Fairfield

• Feed

• Foster

• Greenwich

• Hatch

• Heights

• Hunter

• Hyde

• Impact

• Jaunt

• Juke

• Keene

• Kin

• Lincoln (discontinued)

• Maple

• Margot

• Marta

• Mentor

• Mercer

• Miller

• Mojave

• Moksha

• Motto

• Nueva

• Pedro

• Polaris

• Pursuit

• Rally

• Rover

• Royce

• Sofia

• Sonny

• Sonora

• Stella

• Thorne

• Vow

• Wav

• West

In my course, Website Building Made Easy, I go over every type of Squarespace template, and how to set it up for your unique scenario & use case. Over 10.5 hours of training to help you build your site right, the FIRST time!

When deciding which template to start with, first look at EXAMPLE sites built with that template. Every template in Squarespace has a portfolio built in to review.

1.) Go to

2.) Click on “Templates” at the top of the site (navigation)

3.) Highlight your mouse over a template, and click “Preview *Template Name*” for example Preview Wells’

4.) Scroll down below the preview, down the page, and see “Customers Using This Template”

You will then find other customer sites that use that template.

You can then start to envision your site being built with that template itself!

When choosing a template it’s important for that template to be able to serve you, and serve your goals the best possible way.

By using the comparison charts below, you can decide on which features of your site are most important to you.

Then, you can start a Free Trial of Squarespace, and play around with things!

To get the most in-depth training on the internet about Squarespace, from start to finish for anyone, grab your copy of my course Website Building Made Easy, and you will be ahead of the curve of most people in your position trying to build sites with Squarespace!

Squarespace has a template comparison chart page that goes in depth on the following points:

1.) Page Types

2.) Site Layout

3.) Navigation

4.) Mobile

5.) Blog Pages

6.) Gallery Pages

To see all 6 comparison charts, visit (I’ve only posted one of them here)

Below is the chart I found from for the basics of site layout.


To see all 6 comparison charts, visit (I’ve only posted one of them here)