Why Does Everyone Need A Website (Even If You Don’t Have A Business)

Back in the 1990s when the internet was first coming of age, having a website was like a badge of honor that only the elite, or skilled had. If you had a website, you “made it” – and this led to the tech bubble of the early 2000s, 2001 where if you had .com after your name and were publicly traded and you can make billions of dollars

Fast forward to Web 2.0, and Social Media – we interact with the web completely differently than we did back in the 1990s. Websites became these portals to learn from & engage with. We used them not only for information, but with the creation of Social Media – the internet became a part of our every day life, and the value of a website became seemingly diminished

Now, we’re in 2019, where it seems like everyone who’s anyone is a podcaster, blogger, runs an ecommerce business, has an app, you name it, but there’s still those of us who are just normal every day people that are good with just having a Facebook Page, and an Instagram.

This is changing – and the future is changing. For you to stay ahead of the curve, and ahead of the game – you have to have a website. You need a presence that connects you with the world around you. It’s a form of digital real estate and you are staking your claim in the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Up until now, this year, that entire process has been extremely complicated, for most people – they don’t know where to start. This has been solved with products like Squarespace, and online courses like Website Building Made Simple are designed to help eliminate that technical barrier of entry, and help catapult you from where you are now – to having a professional website that gets results for you.

Even if you don’t have a company, or a business, having a website is an import thing for you to have moving forward in the new digital economy that is being birthed right now.

We are at the cusp of an entirely new version of the internet, and those who will succeed are those who take action NOW and start building their online presence. If you start today, you will be years ahead of 98% of the world population that still doesn’t understand the value of all of this.

The way the internet and computers are right now will appear as archaic to us in 10 years from now as computers did in the 1950s.

If you have something inside you that you want to share, you need to build a website around that thing.

If you offer a product or service to people, you need a website to inform people about what it is that you can offer.

If you have a desire to mobilize your voice and get your thoughts out there in a way that can impact people for the future, you need a website.

Even if you don’t know where to start, having a digital website that features your resume, and accomplishments, as well as links to your Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn – can help you get a job with an employer. On your resume you can direct them to your website, and you can develop the narrative of who you are and share with people more about you.

Automatically, to employers, having a website increases your social value to them exponentially. So if anything, have a website that you craft around you – BRAND YOU – and who you are. You will be prepared for the future of the next generation of the internet, and ahead of the curve.

If you don’t want to get left behind in the future, with robots and AI and jobs disappearing left and right, you have to build a website for yourself.

Download my course, Website Building Made Simple (coming soon) and get started preparing yourself for the next generation of the internet – and the future that is being created right in front of us. Don’t get left behind!