11: Starting A Podcast For Beginners & Getting To 10 Episodes The Easy Way - #GrowYourLife

Since launching this podcast, I've learned quite a bit of what works, and what doesn't. This episode will help you get started and create your first 10 episodes the easy way!

In this episode, I will help you GET STARTED and get your first 10 episodes done, as well as explain all the technical aspects of podcasting so that you can discover how to get yours launched quickly and easily.

You will discover my simple, tried and true formula for knowing what to say on your podcast, and how to use a captive audience of listeners to grow with you.

This is the beginners' guide, and from here, you will be able to grow and learn more. I will probably do a followup in the future based on what I learn over the next few months, but for now, this is what I know is tried and true, and works to get you started podcasting this week.