21: Start & Scale A 6 Figure Service-Based Business - #GrowYourLife

When you are transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur, the most natural path to take is the services-based business. You can become a contract worker, doing jobs for 5-10 with less work and effort than it takes to be an employee of a company!

In this episode, I give you practical tools to find what services-based business you can do, how to get clients, and then how to grow and scale that business to any level you like!

I've never really been taught any of this, so this is just my experience that works. I don't personally know what anyone else out there is showing on the topic, but this has worked well for me, and the process is duplicatable for you as well.

Last year, I built a 6-figure service-based business in less 6 months, and in this episode I give you start to finish how you can do the same!