9: How To Make More Money As An Employee Or Business Owner - #GrowYourLife

Making more money allows you to do more, but many don’t understand the mindset behind how money works. This podcast gives practical strategies that work every time for making more money, no matter what stage you’re at.

Getting your mindset in order is great, but it comes a time to apply practical tried and true skillsets to it. This podcast is about guaranteed rules and laws for everyone who’s an employee and also a business owner to increase their income.

If you an employee, you have one customer, and it’s your boss. You get paid for the value you bring to the marketplace, so you either find a new job, or take your skillsets and experience to start a business. As a business owner, possibilities then open up to you to grow and increase the revenue and money that comes in, allow you to hire more people, create and manufacture more products, and grow as big as you want. In this podcast I explain how to do all of this, and much more!