5: How To Deal With Any Type Of Fear In Your Life (Unlocking Breakthrough) - #GrowYourLife

Whatever you are afraid of, you will serve! Are you serving the past, the experiences that happened to you that tell you you can’t go after your dreams? Or are you going after what you were made for with all that you have? Listen, I believe we were all born with a purpose and a destiny, but we let fear take over us - and prevent us from reaching our potential, which goes against the very thing we were made for! This is how you can break through that! NOTE: I mentioned the Shame-Fear-Control cycle on this, but I made a mistake and called it “Fear Shame Control”, then corrected it later.

Resources from the podcast: For more information on breakthrough from the Shame Fear Control Cycle with Restoring the Foundations (mentioned on this podcast) visit: restoringthefoundations.org and to contact my friends, Gary & Danice Duda directly, visit: greatgraceministries.com

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