Here's Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Everywhere I look, I see marketers and bloggers saying, "Facebook ads don't work anymore."

The strange part is, in my experience, with my clients, this is just not true. I am not even experiencing close to what people say they are with Facebook ads. The ads I run for myself and my clients are producing better results than ever in the last few months!

I've concluded that this rhetoric serves well to sell programs and done-for-you services. But this still doesn't solve the problem I discovered most people have.

You see, everyone I've explored who are struggling to get results with ads has one thing in common: they aren't creating unique, relevant, consumable, high-value training & teaching content on their social media pages for their visitors to return to over and over again.

People are expecting strangers to buy from them just from an ad. Nowadays, people only buy from who they trust.

However, in the world of instant gratification, people trying to sell products aren't taking the extra time to serve their potential customer without asking for anything in return.

The reason why content is so relevant is you can use the Facebook & Instagram platform to track how much of your content viewers are consuming and use AI to find similar audiences.

By capturing only the people who watch 75% of your video content, especially in the long-form LIVE videos that are around 10-15 minutes, you can track exactly who is truly a target customer of yours or not. Someone watching 7 and a half minutes of your content is very much interested in what you are talking about.

The other issue I see people do is they only make video content that promotes what they want to sell.

You have to give away high value (content people would generally pay you for, without fear that because you gave it away, they will somehow not pay for it, which is a false fear that never actually is a problem in my experience). Give your best content away for free and track the viewers.

For e-commerce, create content that surrounds what you are selling, supportive learning information (if you sell anything health or supplement related there are thousands of pieces of content that can be made surrounding the topics of health, fitness, and supplements) that have nothing to do with your product but help you find interested audiences.

Your goal is to find who wants to buy from YOU, not your product. Make your face the brand, or hire a brand ambassador.

When you create this content, you can then track how much of the videos, daily, are watched and how long people are watching.

When you create a sample size of 60-90 days of consistent content, you can then track people who watch 75% or more of the entire length of the videos. This is an audience of people who only complete at least 75% of a video. You can then successfully segment ONLY your most engaged and interested audience, and then use the artificial intelligence platform on Facebook called "Lookalike Audiences" to find people on Facebook who match those who watch your content.

The benefit of this is, your audience is telling what they are interested in, based on how much they are watching.

You can retarget and grow this audience with the lookalike and refine it even more.

This one single function alone can then be scaled towards tracking landing page views, lead generation, add to carts and purchases, to get results.

You built trust and "face brand recognition" (your face becomes the "brand" people recognize for example) and this then helps you find the most engaged audience to then increase your revenues on an extremely low-cost basis.

I created two incredibly detailed pieces of content on my podcast (links at the bottom of this blog post) about making video content on social media and then using free and paid methods to get customers. These break down all of this process in detail.

When you start making consistent high-value VIDEO CONTENT, as part of your strategy, your ads will be more effective because your audience auto-generates itself based on what you talk about.

To build up the initial 75% viewers, using general industry based terms of targeting works to start, with the goal of page post engagement, until you can generate at least 1000 unique users in an audience of 75%

Then, when you get that 1000 unique users, your lookalike audience will be extremely accurate to generate and target the lookalike to get superior results. I've noticed less than 1/3 cent (that's 0.003 cents) per page engagement, and this allows further focusing for less than $5-10 a day to be extremely useful for people just getting started, and then scale as you make more revenue!

I did this facebook live some days ago where I created a basic 10 minute overview with a white board of this process I described above. I highly recommend watching it here:


For more information, I also created 2 hours worth of podcasts on this topic, which are full traning lesssons to help you create video content & get customers to your website.

Episode #6:

Episode #7:

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