Speed & Growth Are The Most Important Thing You Must Improve In Your Business

In your business, all of your problems can are solved by increasing how fast you can acquire capital/revenue, how quickly you grow and then, continuously accelerate that growth over time.

This goal, above everything else, provides you with exponentially more revenue than you will ever need. Allowing you to sustain yourself in up and down seasons and double down on what's working when things are profitable!

There's no time to waste to "do everything perfectly" and get things done the way some business class or marketing book told you!

The time is now to grow and grow big.

Amazon wasn't profitable for years, even to the chagrin of many on wall street, but they did this because of the long game.

Here's some examples from Amazon, Facebook & Apple computer.

The bills were paid, the taxes were deferred (lol), and they reached the most people to then accelerate to the next level. Facebook is the same way, along with Instagram!

Apple Computer only succeeded because they got a working prototype on the market faster than anyone else did for a cost more people could afford!

What I'm specifically referring to here is this: if you have a goal, always take the path that brings in increased revenue or capital the fastest, prioritizing which one you can do the quickest.

You must have a "revenue generation mechanism" from the start of anything — something to bring in money to build with.

If you don't have this, you will need an outside investor to provide capital, which is why I mention both revenue and capital here. I see people take 1-3 years even to generate revenue sometimes. This only works IF you have capital coming in from an outside source! If you don't have outside capital to sustain your growth, you have to generate it!

Stop waiting around for everything to be perfect before you take action.

Get some revenue into your business right away, as quick as you can, either generated yourself or from an outside investment - and then get some quick wins on the books!

From here, then you can compound this cashflow to grow things further, always prioritizing growth and speed, over anything else.

If you do this, you can grow and won't hit roadblocks, speed bumps along the away.

So often, we can allow our own ego to say "I have to do everything perfectly and do it the way it should be done before I can succeed" and we miss out on years of what could be possible just by focusing on growth and acceleration!

Get some wins, and then build upon them. Don't build just for the sake of building, build to win, and build to last. This happens only by focusing on what we can accomplish the fastest, not what can we do perfectly the first time.

Allowing yourself the ability to fail and make mistakes lets us learn at an accelerated rate, including what doesn't work as well as what might not fit the market, so that we can quickly adjust to what will work and get results.

I did a video on my FB Live about this today, and I think it’ll help drive this home for you even more. Enjoy!

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